Semi Analytical Transient Dynamic Analysis of Composite Adhesive Single-lap Joints

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Marvdasht Branch Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht, Iran


A novel semi analytical method is developed for transient analysis of single-lap adhesive joints with laminated composite adherends subjected to dynamical loads. The presented ap-proach has the capability of choosing arbitrary loadings and boundary conditions. In this model, adherends are assumed to be orthotropic plates that obeyed from the classical lamina-tion theory. Stacking sequences can be either symmetric or asymmetric. Adhesive layer is homogenous and isotropic material and modelled as continuously distributed normal and shear springs. By employing constitutive, kinematics and equations of motions, sets of gov-erning differential equations for each inside and outside of overlap zones are obtained. By solving these equations, the time dependent shear and peel stresses in adhesive layer as well as deflections, stress resultants and moment resultants in the adherends are determined. The developed results are successfully compared with the experimental research presented in available literates. It is seen that the time variations of adhesive peel and shear stress dia-grams are asymmetric for the case of symmetric applied load with high variation rate. Also it is observed that although the magnitude of applied transverse shear force is reduced to 10% of applied axial force, but a significant increase of 40% in the maximum peel stress is achieved.