Mechanics of Advanced Composite Structures is an international journal (print and online) within mechanics aspects of advanced materials and composite structures and is now published twice a year by Semnan University Press which was founded in 2013. The journal will publish the latest and most innovative research results dealing with analytical methods and numerical simulations, experimental investigations, and research and development studies relevant to the knowledge and application of new and advanced materials and composites in engineering structures including basic individual structural components such as beams, plates, and shells.

The journal welcomes contributions in relation to the new computational approaches and novel applications to gain understanding of mechanical properties, thermal behavior, vibration and dynamic characteristics, damage evolution (detection and modeling), and failure mechanisms.

Major areas covered by this journal include various polymer, metal, and ceramic matrix composites; nanomaterials and nanocomposites; self-healing materials; actuator/sensor (smart) materials and structures; active and passive control of composite structures; functionally graded materials; biomaterials and biocomposites; polymeric based adhesives; measuring and testing techniques for composite materials; processing and manufacturing of composites and nano composites; mathematical models at different scales: nano, micro, meso, and macro.

The Editorial Board accepts for publication only manuscripts in English submitted via the electronic system available on the journal website. All articles accepted for publication will be available online followed by printed in hard copy. 


Our Conference Partners:

The 2nd Edition International Conference on Nanomaterials & Technology

The 2nd Edition International Conference on Nanomaterials & Technology



International Summit on Material Science & Engineering

International Summit on Material Science & Engineering


Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 75-261 

2. Transient Thermal Stresses Analysis in a FPGM Cylinder

Pages 81-94

Nabard Habibi; Sadi Samawati; Omid Ahmadi

6. Vibration Analysis of Circular Single-Layer Graphene Sheet Using Finite Element Method

Pages 131-138

Mahboube Mehrabani; Mohammad Reza Ashory; Mohammad Mahdi Khatibi; Sadegh Sadeghzadeh

11. Investigation of Tensile Characteristics of an Epoxy Matrix Com-posite with Uni-Directional and Hybrid Tissue Natural Hemp Fibers

Pages 181-190

S. Mohammad Reza Khalili; R. Eslami-Farsani; Ali Asghar Jaferzadeh Khoramabadian; Sajad Hayati