The Effect of the Solvents on Electrical properties of POT conducting Polymer

Document Type : Research Paper


Physics Department, Basrah University College of Science and Technology, Iraq.



In this research, the preparation conducting polymer poly(O-Toluidine) emeraldine salt (ES) doped with HCL (POT/HCL) by oxidizing polymerization external doping by DBSA the effect of the solvent on the electrical characterization of Poly (O-Toluidine) was studied.POT(EB) powder was completely dissolving in all solvents such as chloroform, formic acid, toluene, and meta-cresol. The morphology and composition of POT were measured by SEM and EDX. Two-probe methods have been used in the measurement of electrical conductivity; interdigitated finger electrode was used to determine the electrical conductivity. The effect of temperatures on electrical conductivity was also studied to provide heating in the range of (303-373 K) and used to the found activation energy of (POT) in a different solvent. the electrical measurement found the, highest electrical conductivity by using chloroform solvent 0.38*10-1 s/cm after that Formic-acid, Toluene and lower conductivity at meta-cresol 0.23*10-4 s/cm. And the activation energy 0.90 ev chloroform, 1.56 ev in meta cresol