Propagation behavior of Love-type waves in poro-elastic medium using staggered grid finite difference Scheme

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Applied Mathematics, Faculty, Usha Martin University, Ranchi, Jhankhand, India

2 Applied Mathematics, Faculty, B.I.T Mesra, Ranchi, Jhankhand, India



The analysis of the propagation behaviour of seismic waves in porous medium requires a mathematical backup. That is pictured here. The present study investigates the propagation behavior of Love-type waves in poro-elastic medium. A staggered grid finite-difference (SFD) scheme in time-space domain formulation for the Biot’s equation of poro-elasticity, is presented and applied to the problem. Complete theoretical seismograms for the horizontal and vertical components of displacement are obtained. The dispersion curves are evaluated considering the material parameters of different models. The stability analysis of the above numerical scheme is deliberated. From different graphs, it is noticed that there is difference in phase velocity for various models. By observing the curves behaviour, we can understand the nature of the composite structure. Our outcomes also endorse the finite difference modeling is an important numerical tool to acquire knowledge about the transmission of seismic waves in porous medium. The agreement is excellent.